Since     1978     our     company     carries     out     high     quality     and     precision machining,   in   particular   for   the   production   of   mechanical   components in    the    following    fields:    packaging,    automatic    machines,earth-moving machines and oleodynamic. We    produce    special    parts    finished    following    the    production    in    every step:    turning,    milling,broaching    and    slotting,    with    the    aid    of    lathe equipped with “y”axis. HERE YOU ARE WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: MOULD PROCESSING: aluminum smelting for food sector; TURNING      PROCESSING:      pins,flanges,      with      good      experience      in treatment      of      steel,iron,iron,      stainless      steel      ,aluminum,      bronze- aluminum, bronze , brass and plastic material. Milling processing: we have several c.n. mills;   PROTOTYPING; COSTRUCTION   OF   CARPENTRY   PARTS:   for   packaging,   food   and   earth- moving sector; WELDING:   steel   wire   welding   and   TIG   for   stainless   steel,   aluminum   and bronze (two operators with renewed licence work in our company); MAINTENANCE and potential reconstruction of worn-out parts.
Via Porec, 54/56 - 48024 Massa Lombarda (RA) Italy Tel. (+39) 0545 84570